A 'must have' for every English learner.


If you want to speak English confidently in any situation, you need to practise different types of conversations and contexts.

In this course you will have the opportunity to do just that!
Over two hours of intensive speaking practise covering:

  • Narrative tenses for storytelling
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Daily Routine
  • Travel Plans
  • Talk about the weekend
  • Setting goals & intentions
  • Conversation skills
  • Business expressions
  • Catching up with friends
  • Common greetings
  • Casual conversation
  • ..and much more!

I've packed each lesson with practical expressions, conversation techniques and pronunciation tips that you can use right away.

In every lesson, you will have the chance to practise speaking English OUT LOUD with me! Extra content that is not on my YouTube channel is included and each video has been edited to remove ads and promotions for 'distraction-free' learning!

And the best part?
With these lessons, you can return as many times as you like to watch and practise again and again until you sound natural, just like a native speaker!

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